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Slab Armor Plus

Concrete cleaners & protectants.

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The Slab Armor Plus range is comprised of concrete cleaners and protectants

Plus products are environmentally neutral compositions for cleaning concrete surfaces and protecting them from damage.

Through continued use, Slab Armor Plus products create a denser, more sustainable finish over time.

Additionally, the Plus range includes pH neutral products that effectively remove the built-up concrete from concrete mixer drums and equipment in an environmentally responsible manner.

The Slab Armor Plus Family Includes:

Slab Armor Clean & Condition

This no rinse formula is the first product to restore and maintain polished concrete effectively in a non-damaging, environmentally friendly way.

Slab Armor Seal & Shine

A reactive penetrating product which forms an insoluble chemical bond to produce a dense sealed surface, with superior hardness, enhanced gloss and slip resistance.

Slab Armor Condition & Restore

A high performance neutral pH cleaner, conditioner, and restorer quickly releases oils and deposits from the floor surface through a sophisticated proprietary chemical matrix of hyper-effective wetting agents.

Slab Armor Plus products assist in the revitalisation of existing concrete and help with protecting the benefits first achieved during the initial installation of the Slab Armor Concrete System

If you're interested in using the Slab Armor System for your next concrete floor project or just have a few questions, fill out the form and we'll be in touch.

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