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Slab Armor Starter

Extend workability and achieve the best possible concrete finish.

This is a photo is of Slab Armor Starter producing a highly refined concrete floor.

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Revolutionary concrete finishing aid

Slab Armor Starter

Using power trowels, this nano-sized technology creates a 27mm barrier allowing only 3% of the water to evaporate which ultimately eliminates volume loss, cracking and curling.

It acts as a finishing aid, holding water in for weeks if not months on end. It is invisible to the eye and almost impossible to apply incorrectly.

Exceedingly high and stable flatness (FF) numbers are a direct result from even hydration throughout the slab which also helps to control the finishing process while maintaining the internal slab moisture.

Slab Armor Starter extends material life by closing capilaries within the slab eliminating transmission of water and vapor which leads to mold and bacteria.

Denser concrete enhances insulation qualities and improves energy performance.

Features & Benefits:

  • Extend workability of slab surface to achieve the best possible finish
  • Increases surface density and reduces permeability
  • Abrasion resistance and wear characteristics compared to dry-shake hardeners*
  • Reduce dusting for a cleaner finished product
  • Reduces long-term maintenance costs by improving the surface cap
  • Attain a highly refined surface finish
  • Begin refining the surface as the concrete is being finished and reduce labor and sub-contracting requirements
  • Environmentally Responsible

Using Slab Armor Starter and Closer as a system will result in a highly refined, hard-wearing polished concrete finish.

See it in action

This video shows the ease of applying Slab Armor Starter concrete finishing aid. This is the first of three applications at placement

More Starter Benefits

  • Use Starter to improve moisture retention in new concrete, hence helping with internal and external concrete curing.
  • Use Starter to remove concrete finish defects that can happen under different weather conditions on day of construction i.e. hot weather, cold weather and windy conditions.
  • Helping the concrete finisher manage irregular, difficult concrete supply times that create cold joints and hard to finish concrete, avoiding general defects that can occur.
  • Achieves a deeper strengthened working surface; Slab Armor Starter penetrates deeper within the surface of the new concrete when Starter has been applied during or just before screeding of the concrete.
  • Benefits the project builder to deliver a stronger, more dense and harder working concrete surface that does not deteriorate over years of hard wear & tear.
  • It is a substitute for any shake on hardener concrete specification.

If you're interested in using Slab Armor for your next concrete floor project or just have a few questions, fill out the form and we'll be in touch.

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