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Slab Armor Closer

Dust proof & harden concrete in one application.

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Sealing the working surface of your concrete by closing the capillaries within the slab

Slab Armor Closer

Slab Armor Closer dust proofs and hardens concrete in a single application. The low pH qualities provide better hardening characteristics and an attractive, longer lasting finish ideal for warehouses, distribution centers and retail stores.

This spray on, leave on material is a fast acting formula allowing for minimal down time.

It is suitable for use on cementitious-based products and can be used in conjunction with diamond polishing and/or decorative color

Slab Armor Closer extends concrete life by closing capilaries within the slab eliminating transmission of water and vapor which leads to staining of the surface, dirty floor look and potential bacteria growth occurring.

Features & Benefits:

  • Cross-links with Slab Armor Starter to a depth of 13mm
  • Excellent water repellence
  • Enhances and protects stained, integral color and dyed decorative surfaces
  • Superior hardness increases life expectancy of the concrete surface
  • Preserves natural look of concrete
  • Reduces alkalinity/efflorescence
  • Resistant to blushing and does not yellow, chip, peel, or flake with age or exposure
  • Environmentally Responsible

Using Slab Armor Starter and Closer as a system will result in a highly refined, hard-wearing polished concrete finish.

More Closer Benefits

Great option for a shake on hardener concrete specification on your project

Improves productivity by reducing time and money to produce a polished concrete finish

Improve hardness to new and old surfaces

Ideal for your next retail industrial decorative and coloured concrete floor

If you're interested in using Slab Armor for your next concrete floor project or just have a few questions, fill out the form and we'll be in touch.

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