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The latest technology in concrete finishing and densification.

Slab Armor supports architects, builders and engineer's requirements for high-performing concrete floors.

Slab Armor Starter and Closer products increase workability, material life and environmental resilience throughout the construction and life of your concrete.

Incorporate our finishing aid and densifier into your concrete construction process to achieve the absolute best finish with true repeatability.

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About Slab Armor

Slab Armor's revolutionary group of environmentally-friendly chemical solutions will forever change the way concrete is placed, finished, and maintained.

Slab Armor Starter is our concrete finishing aid, applied after screed placement and during the trowelling process while Slab Armor Closer is our concrete densifier which is applied after concrete finishing is complete.

Photo of Slab Armor Starter working in -- and on wet concrete
Photo of Slab Armor Starter working in -- and on wet concrete

Slab Armor Starter

Concrete Finishing Aid

This nano-sized technology creates a hydration-enhancing vapor barrier and allows the contractor unprecedented control over the finishing process, extending the time to finish concrete in all weather conditions.

Through this patented system, Slab Armor creates even hydration resulting in denser concrete, flatter floors with minimised cracking and/or curling issues arising.

Slab Armor Closer

Concrete Densifier

Slab Armor Closer dust proofs and hardens concrete in a single application. The low pH qualities provide better hardening characteristics and an attractive, longer lasting finish ideal for warehouses, distribution centers and retail stores.

This spray on, leave on material is a fast acting formula allowing for minimal down time.

Slab Armor Product Range

Our revolutionary concrete finishing aid.

Our concrete solution for densification and dust-proofing.

Our range of concrete cleaners and protectants.

If you're interested in using Slab Armor for your next concrete floor project or just have a few questions, fill out the form and we'll be in touch.

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